The Relationship Between:

"The Crucible and McCarthyism"

"The Crucible"

  • November 1689 Samuel Parris was named as the new minister
  • Took position with his wife Elizabeth, Betty, Abigail and Indian slave
  • Young girls were drinking blood and dancing in woods
  • Betty became very ill


  • Accused people of being communist
  • Accused people that worked in government
  • Accused entertainers
  • Falsely accused people
  • Had NO evidence


  • everybody is doing it
  • lives were ruined in both eras
  • both were found guilty with little evidence

Joseph McCarthy and Abigail Williams Comparison

Joseph McCarthy can be represented by Abigail Williams, she accused people left and right and went as far as she could to accuse her lovers wife. McCarthy accused people of all ranks and statures. Both of them thought that they were doing everyone a great service by getting rid of the evil.