The Teenage Guy's Survival Guide

Author: Jeremy Daldry | By: VIctor Mora

Brief Summary

The Teenage Guy's Survival Guide was published in 1999. Written by Jeremy Daldry. It is a book about overcoming the guy's teenage years. It consists of what a guy will have to face through during this age span. From dating, sex, girls, emotions, puberty and the drug life. It is a book with quite some humor, only to make the reader feel comfortable. It is a good book to give to any male transitioning from middle school to high school. So the reader knows what to expect during the incoming years. This offers a lot of many good tips. On how to break up with a girl, how to walk away from a fight, and of course to say no in any drug related situations.

Most Memorable Thing

The most memorable thing about this book is all the tips that are offered to you. All the tips that are said vary from many different things. They go on from love, sex, dates, pimples, and fights. Everything is included in this book. Not only does the book talk about getting into the relationship but also on how to get out of one. It won't be easy, but you have to move on. The book also says how to avoid fights and how it is just teenage drama, it won't matter later in life.

Most Important Word


The most important word in this book would have to be 'Changes.' I say that this word is the most important because it is a book based on a teenager life and high school. There will always be changes all the time, and it is going to take some time to get used to them. Wether if they are good or bad. Teenage years are one of the roughest, and it will consist of MANY CHANGES. At the end, it all will work out.

Most Important Phrase

" Puberty is a roller-coaster ride. Sometimes the best policy is to just hang on and close your eyes."

This has to be the most important phrase because this book is all about the different changes that one faces when puberty hits the body. The phrase is very true. A guy will experience a lot through out his teenage years such as; high school, relationships, zits, emotions and bullying. It might be a scary ride, but eventually everything has its' time.


Yes, I would recommend this book simply because it does offer everything a guy experiences during their teen life. From asking girls on dates to emotions and break ups to different social lives. I wold rate this book a 4 star out of 5 because it talks only about guy opinions. I mean don't get me wrong but the book gives almost everything one needs to know. But I would of have liked to see girl opinions on there too. Any opinions given by girls that say what they do like and what they don't on guys.
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