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Mexico, Mexico City-- Government

Dear Folks at home,

I started on my journey in Mexico city, Mexico today. I was excited to learn about the country's Government, and that would be easy to do it in the heart of the country.
Mexico is very different from the United States in terms of Government, it's not a democracy like the U.S. . Even though they elect their own presidents, they are something called a FEDERAL REPUBLIC. A republic is a national Government with a head by elected leaders.
We know parties mostly as Democrats and Republicans, right? We know it changes in the U.S. back and forth from time to time. Imagine if we stayed in one party for decades! That's what happened to Mexico. They were part of PRI or Party of Institutional Revolution. Every president was from the PRI until 2000. I recently learned from a young girl on the street begging that 40% of the population are below the poverty line. Wouldn't you think the government would help? Well, the President elected in 2000 was Vincente Fox, the first president out of the PRI in decades. "The people of Mexico were absolutely thrilled, and I was too! He promised us a democracy while he served his 6 year term. Our family patiently waited for that day to come," said 20 year old Jose.
Now the new president, Enrique Pena Neito is once again a member of PRI. The hope for a full and wonderful democracy is fading in many families around the country. Pena was elected December 1st, and did make many wonderful changes. The congressmen had been slacking off, playing with apps on the congress i-Pads! Pena threatened their jobs, and they began to work again. Not just that, he passed the Teacher Laws. It made education change 2 things:
1. it became harder to hire teachers, so children would have a better education, and
2. it became harder to fire teachers so good teachers could keep their jobs.

Well, I can't wait to get back home!



Dear aunt and Uncle,
I took a trip back to Jamaica to see how the Economy was doing. You were both right; it's still in shambles.
Sometimes it's hard to believe that such a beautiful place cab ve such a horrible place to live. It's humid and warm climate-wise, but close to where I am there is a magnificent and cool beach. I remember coming here in the Cruise this summer, the beautiful Hotels also added to the scenery. The hotels and cruises must be because of the Tourism!
Tourism might be the only good form of money making they have though, not many people in Jamaica contribute to the Economy at all. Many Jamaicans have no jobs, or are very very poor. I remember when we got out of the taxi at the gates to leave; a man cut off our bracelets to sell them.They were really just trash, I didn't understand why he wanted them so badly.
The people who do make money tend to do silly things. There was a woman who wouldn't let me walk away until I bought a bead. Not a bead necklace, just a single bead.

I am SO ready to be home

From, Melissa :3
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Poverty in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

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Galapagos Islands--Geography

Dear Folks at home,

Today I visited the Galapagos Islands. It is as beautiful place on the equator, whose climate is a hot and tropical temperature. The climate makes it the perfect place to vacation all year round.

Some people make it their permanent home, making it hard for the animals who live there. After being discovered, tons of people moved there wanting to forever wake up in a tropical paradise. However, it made tons of ecosystems spiral into a chaotic state. Even if some islands were protected habitats, many of the humans created a fear for the animals.

Some of these animals include my favorite, the Galapagos tortoise. In its original home, it feasts on the tropical plants that flourish in the wonderful and fertile soil. Those plants are what make it so large, because the Galapagos tortoises in zoos tend to be smaller.

Another strange animal is the Blue-footed Booby. It is a bizarre, flightless bird that can be found all over the islands. These birds stand on their eggs to keep them warm, because the humid climate makes the egg's undersides nice and toasty!

Well, I had better enjoy my last stay here on the Galapagos Islands!

Melissa C.

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Blue footed Booby
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