Never Lose Hope

By: Ali M.

Life in Jeopardy

People have their own stories. Some about their friendships, and some about the bumps in their life. But I have a story that will make you have never heard. Some that will surprise you. A story about someone who fought through poverty, but at the same time sleeping for 3 hours a day. This is my Mom. She had many problems throughout her life, but she persevered. Now she is a hero in everyone's eyes. After facing the problems, she now lives good life.

Rough Life

People are constantly under the struggle of poverty. Poverty causes people to lose hope, it makes them feel that they have no chance of empowering poverty and tackling it. Part of what they think is true. They do have a slight chance of tackling poverty and making their lives better. But if we want to help these people get out of the mess that they were not supposed to get into, we are one step to closer to making the world a better place. Imagine all those people you help when you donate money to a charity. These poor people have no food or water. No access to sanitation. This is why we should start to take action, and tackle poverty.

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What is a Hero?

When you think of a hero, the first person that comes to mind is a superhero that saves the world or someone that works in the army. But this isn't the true concept of a hero. A hero isn't someone who is greatly admired, it is someone who has a true heart. A true passion to help others no matter what the circumstance. A hero is a father working 24/7 to provide enough money for his family to survive.

The Past constructs the Future

A person that has inspired many to play the sport of basketball is Kareem Abdul Jabbar. He inspired many Muslims and people to play basketball. He also helped people fight through leukemia because he was diagnosed with leukemia. His dad and friend died because of this horrid disease. Kareem Abdul Jabbar is a hero to many.
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My love for my Mom is so great

Big enough to fill the ocean

She is always caring and helping

Never one time has she not worked

Always taking care of everyone

She is the heart of the family

We run on her

We depend on her

We need her

How to make a hero

Step 1: Fill 1 cup with Kind

Step 2: Fill 1/16 of a cup with Sadness

Step 3: Mix these 2 things in a large bowl

Step 4: Take this mixture and put it into a container that is filled with positive emotions

Step 5: Warm it up and sprinkle some courage

You have got a hero!

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