It is always so much fun each year to receive all the updates from our friends and family. I know most of us feel like the year goes by so darn fast. Think of all the fun that is had in that year. Our year has been full of adventures, mostly fun ones I have to say.

Benjamin started his year in Pennsylvania working for USG. This was an 8 month co-op. He had a good learning experience. He enjoyed spending most of his time in Baltimore where his girlfriend (now fiance), was also working for USG.

WD and I spent about ten days in the east driving all over the place. It was very fun to hang out with Ben and Jenna in Baltimore on the weekends then head out during the week to site see and visit with family.

Ian was able to spend some time with us camping. His girlfriend Liz camp with him and we all played in the Uintah's. It is so pretty in the mountains that are basically in our back yard.

I had a reunion in Logan with the college I graduated in. It was good to see so many of my class members after 30 years - how is that even possible?

WD and I went to Kirkwood, California in August and played in the Sierra Nevada mountains. We hiked and panned for gold - of course my pan was "salted" with a small nugget of gold.

We have welcomed another high school student from South Korea into our home. His name is Sang and is a Junior. Park had to go home to South Korea to get ready to serve in the military. That is a two year commitment for men in South Korea.

We have had a fun year. I continue to enjoy my job as an elementary school librarian. WD has two part time jobs that he is learning. One as a salesman for an engineering firm and the other as a water technician for the South Davis Sewer District. Both boys are still working on their schooling. Ian has two more semesters until he finishes and Ben has three more until he is done.

We hope 2015 brings you all much joy and many happy adventures.

Love, WD, Jean, Ian, Ben and Sang