By Charlene

Types of Elephants

There are two kinds of elephants.One is the Asian elephant another is the African elephant.The Asian elephant has smaller ears that cover their shoulders.The African elephants is the biggest elephant.Its ears are larger and they cover their shoulders.Look at the ears to tell them apart.

Elephants are in danger of being killed for their tusks

The elephant’s tusks are made of ivory.The ivory is used to make jewelry.Tusks are sold for money.The sale of ivory makes them rich.If people don’t buy things made of ivory the elephants won’t be killed.

Fun Facts

Elephant calfs suck their trunks just like babies suck their thumbs.The trunks of an elephant is their nose and an upper lip.Elephants are losing homes because people are moving in and building homes.Elephants use tusks for fighting with other elephants.Elephants are one of the biggest animals in the world.Elephants usually live in herds.Not all elephants are grey some are brown.

Elephants Eating
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