The First Continential Congress



All the colonists sent us delegates to go to THE FIRST CONTINENTAL CONGRESS. This meeting is about the problems with the British. We are paying taxes for sugar and tea, and the British closed the Boston harbor. We colonists got mad because we don't want to pay taxes. Now that they closed up the Boston harbor we can't get our things we want like tea, sugar, and stamps unless we pay taxes for them. But many colonists didn't like to it was like a bet we stop buying British goods unless we pay for them. No tea no money that was the bet .


what to do!!

We don't want to pay taxes so we decided to stop buying British stuff. If you get caught buying British stuff like sugar,tea, and stamps you will be a traitor no matter what. We hope the British don't get any money because we will stop buying British goods. we will call this a boycott. That means: To stop buying from the British.