Plan for ASTE 2023 in Grant Funds

February 18-21- 2023 at Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage

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Fund your teachers' PD to ASTE 2023

Your district can fund your teachers’ PD through ASTE using grants or federal funding. As a leader for your district, we would like to help you consider using federal program money to support ASTE 2023.

Quality Schools Grant

Monies from this grant can be used to help teachers attend ASTE. The ASTE conference can help the grant's purpose of increasing student achievement through the methodical improvement of Alaska's public schools.

Title II-A, Title II

ASTE is professional development at its best. For Title II funds, the professional development needs to be evidence-based. ASTE is an affiliate of the ISTE international organization and as an affiliate we have endorsed and practiced the ISTE Standards. These standards help educators and education leaders worldwide prepare learners to thrive in work and life. To learn more about the standards and to read the research basis for the ISTE Standards for Students, see

Title IV-A: Area 3, 410

Title IV-A, Area 3, 410 stipulates the use of digital tools to support digital citizens through effective and meaningful use of technology in the classroom.

For districts who receive $30,000 or more in Title IV-A funds, a portion of funds must be spent on Priority 3: Effective use of technology. ASTE offers training in current uses of technology for connected learners and teachers in online instruction. ASTE fits into 410- Professional and Technical- Funding for your district team to attend ASTE 2023

When Will Registration Open?

Online registration will open by November 1st. Our intent is to ensure our schedule is built including session presenters, featured speakers, and keynote speakers are secured so when attendees register, they will also sign up for their breakout sessions at the same time.

A link to our conference site and registration will be on as soon as it is available!

How Much Does ASTE Costs?

  • Registration: $475- $575 plus membership fee ($25) per person
  • Hotel: $125 per night for single and double occupancy rooms (excludes taxes)
  • Flights: R/T to and from Anchorage
  • Per diem for meals not provided. ASTE provides breakfast snacks and lunch daily during conference days. Dinners are on your own.
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Dear Superintendent, Federal Programs Director, and ASTE Members,

Please let me introduce myself! My name is Susan Steele, and I am so blessed to be starting my second year serving as the ASTE Executive Director. My husband, Andy, and I moved to Alaska in 2009 from East Tennessee for an adventure, and we never left. I have worked in leadership capacities at the state, district, and site levels and began a new journey in my career with ASTE in March of 2021 when Genie Siedler retired.

Leaders are awarded with unique opportunities to build others up and create more leaders. When leaders are passionate about something, all things are possible. ASTE's mission of promoting access to technology, connectivity to information resources, and technology integration for all Alaskan learners is the goal of our annual conference. My hope for you is that the ASTE mission is also something you are passionate about and support through your own participation or through creating a path for staff to participate.

I am reaching out to you because we need your support to:

  • Consider the best way to secure funding (Quality Schools, Title II-A, Title IV-A, COVID Relief) so your district can be represented at ASTE 2022.
  • Encourage staff to present. The call for proposal is OPEN! See below.
  • Nominate and honor those doing exceptionally well with technology integration in your district when our leadership awards open in October.
  • Be thinking about who from your district would be a great candidate to serve on the ASTE Board and nominate them when our window opens in November.

At this time, we are planning on an in-person conference for ASTE 2023.

Thank you in advance for your support! We'd love to see your staff at ASTE.

Please let me know what I can do for you!

Susan R. Steele, Ed.S. – Executive Director

Alaska Society for Technology in Education (ASTE)

ASTE Ph: 907-957-2783

Conference Theme: Education Rewired

The ASTE Board for 2022-2023, under the direction of President, Bill Burr, has selected Education Rewired as our theme. The idea is to reignite the spark in education and reinvent, redefine, and reimagine the work we do. The image we want our participants to picture is one where education across the globe was stretched and flattened. We entered the wormhole one way, but we are going to come out the other side in a new dimension that is better than we could have imagined. We want our attendees to ignite that spark that led them to become an educator. Our attendees will leave feeling reignited, passionate, and reenergized!
Call for Proposal-Present at ASTE 2023

Submission deadline is October 1st

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Alaska Society for Technology in Education (ASTE)

Promoting access to technology, connectivity to information resources, and technology integration for all Alaskan learners.