World War 1 Chronicles


The Allied and Central Powers

  • Russia
  • Britain
  • Italy
  • France
  • US

Central Powers:
  • Germany
  • Austria-Hungary
  • Turkey

Causes of World War 1

Two main things caused WW1. one cause was militarism which means many countries were spending a lot of their money creating weapons.Another cause was a alliance between several countries.An alliance is a treaty or formal agreement between two or more nations to cooperate for specific when archduke Franz Ferdinand from Austria was assassinated Austria's ally,Germany,came to their defense. this was the event that sparked ww1

The Great War

Trench Warfare and New Weapons

Warfare was very different during ww1 then it had been in previous wars. First,many new weapons had been created. Some of the weapons included Big Bertha, machine gun, flamethrower. Second , the Allied powers and Central powers dug in to the ground to protect themselves. This type of fighting was known as trench warfare. Between the two opposing trenches was an area known as no mans land. This middle ground was filled with mines, barbed wire, and mud. Because of the new weapons and trench warfare, this war became a war of stalemate which means a war that ends because so many people are killed.

America Joins the War

Two main things America to join the war. One cause was the sinking of the Lusitania which took place in 1915 by German u-boats. It was a British passage ship which carried 138 American passengers. This really angered Americans. yet another cause was Zimmerman telegram . this was a message sent to the Mexican government encouraging them to invade the US. The Germans promised land to Mexico in exchange for this. when the telegram was decoded by the American military and told to the public, Americans were ready to go to war. The year was 1917.