Marco Rubio

Will we enter a "New American Century"? Iowa says, "Maybe."


According to RealClear Politics' composite of poll results from across the country in the past few weeks, Marco Rubio is consistently ranking third, after Trump and Cruz. He polled around ten points below Cruz in each poll. Carson polled in fourth place. There wasn't much of a gap between Rubio and Carson.

An Iowa-specific Quinnipiac poll released February 1st also had Rubio polling at 17%, in third after Trump and Cruz. This is a four point jump from the last Iowa poll by Quinnipiac.



Marco Rubio finished in third place in the Iowa caucus on February 1st. It was a very close race, with Cruz in the lead with 28%, Trump in second with 24%, and Rubio with 23%. Rubio has declared this a victory for his campaign. 23% is considerably higher than he had been polling, and he is within a few points of Cruz and Trump.
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New Hampshire

The next step in Rubio's campaign is to get as many votes as possible in New Hampshire on February 9th. People are unsure of how he will do. According to, Rubio is going into New Hampshire with the "wind at his back", and could use the momentum of his proclaimed victory in Iowa to get more votes than before. But a Washington Post article points out that he may struggle more now that he has set himself apart from the slew of other GOP candidates. Several of the other candidates, especially Chris Christie have taken aim at Rubio recently. The negative campaign against him could hurt him in upcoming primaries.


According to Open Secrets, with combined campaign committee and outside groups, Marco Rubio has raised $55,560,872 and spent $29,223,237. 89% of his funds come from individual contributions and 3% from PAC contributions.

Note: One of the PACs supporting Rubio is called "Baby Got PAC".

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