Inclement Weather Days FAQ

For Parents/Guardians

Students and Families

  1. How does a student and/or family access inclement weather learning experiences and assignments?
    Resources for students in grades Kindergarten through 12 are housed in Canvas modules linked from an inclement weather button found on each student’s course home page. Pre-Kindergarten students have received all of their materials in a bookbag provided through the classroom teacher.

  2. At what time will learning experiences and assignments be made available?
    Teachers will publish (through Canvas) all information and assignments by 9:00 a.m. on inclement weather days.

  3. How long do students have to complete all learning experiences and assignments?
    Students in all grade levels and all content areas will have three ‘regular’ school days following the asynchronous inclement weather day to complete all work and submit to their teacher(s). For example, if the inclement weather day is on a Monday and students return to in-person learning on Tuesday, assignments will be due for submission on Thursday.

  4. What does a student and/or family do if they cannot access the internet and/or Canvas on asynchronous inclement weather days?

    If a student or family can access email, they can reach out to the teachers(s) to let him/her /them know that there are issues with accessing the internet and/or Canvas.

  5. What should a student do if they have questions while working on the learning experiences and assignments?
    Students may contact their teacher(s) through email and/or Canvas to ask questions related to the learning. Students may also talk to their teacher(s) in person upon returning to in-person learning after the inclement weather day to ask questions and receive help.

Special Education

  1. Are virtual IEP/504 meetings being held on virtual inclement weather days?
    Yes, virtual inclement weather days are considered a scheduled virtual workday for all staff. Schools are expected to conduct previously scheduled virtual meetings. Since buildings and offices will be closed, in-person meetings will be rescheduled. If there are exceptional circumstances that prevent a school from holding an individual IEP/504 meeting, such as staff who are without power, individual IEP/504 meetings may be cancelled at the discretion of the building administrator.

  2. How will the school system ensure that my child receives his/her direct Special Education and related services on a virtual inclement weather day?
    Service providers must ensure that students with disabilities receive Special Education and related services in accordance with the frequency and duration in the IEP. Services are typically reflected as monthly in each IEP. Since instruction delivered on an asynchronous inclement weather day is not considered direct service, service providers will evaluate the impact of a virtual inclement weather day when determining if the frequency and duration of special education services has been met for the month. Make-up sessions will be scheduled on an individual basis, as needed.

    Related service providers may choose to contact parents/guardians to arrange for synchronous virtual sessions with individual students on a virtual inclement weather day. Successfully executed synchronous sessions will count toward the student’s related service sessions as outlined within the IEP.


This FAQ was last updated on January 18, 2023, at 2:00 p.m.

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