Sir Lancelot du Lac

Father of Sir Galahad. Son of King Ban of Benwick.

Birth and Early Life

Sir Lancelot was born to Lady Elaine and King Ban of Benwick, but at a young age was taken from both, or in a different telling of the story he was left by the shore of a lake, and raised by his 'foster mother': the lady of the lake (or Lady Vivien/Vivaine).

As a Young Adult

Sir Lancelot, described as having a handsome face and perfect or saint-like qualities, joined the Knights of the Round Table, proving that he was gracious, kind and always willing to serve others. It was well known that King Arthur favoured Lancelot and trusted him above the others, even if the table was meant to symbolize that all knights were equal, yet it was not well known that Queen Guinevere favoured him as well... well enough to commit adultery with him and have a love affair.

Though neither Lancelot or Guinevere let their affair get out of hand, they were eventually found out and Guinevere was almost burned at the state for adultery. Once, even, a young princess (Elaine of Astolat, who later died of a broken heart) pretended to be Queen Guinevere and gave Sir Lancelot a son: Galahad. This infuriated Queen Guinevere and soon King Arthur found out about the affair between the two, but still held Lancelot as his favourite, though Lancelot's relations with the nephew of King Arthur, Gawaine, dwindled quickly. Some even say that the young knight wished revenge on Lancelot.

Lancelot Du Lac

Strong, Courageous, Gracious, Gentle, Trustworthy, Helpful

The Death of Sir Lancelot

Tensions rose between the knights and most of all between the knights and Camelot, many suspect that the downfall of the great city only took place because of the sin Lancelot and Guinevere committed.

After Lancelot was shunned by Guinevere and a battle ensued between Arthur and he, Lancelot became angry and mentally and emotionally compromised. He walked the forests for months until he happened upon the Holy Grail; which he was only allowed a glimpse of because of his sins.

When he returned to Camelot, he found Arthur had died, and Guinevere gone to become a nun after telling Lancelot that she would never see her face again. Lancelot left Camelot and became a hermit in penitence with a few of his kin, eventually become a priest and tending to Guinevere's body after she died.