Cordelia Hills Community Update


Principal's Message

Wow! What a start. I am calling today Day One, Take 2. Thanks for your patience. Lots of moving parts in our school and in our community and across the wider region. I truly hope you are safe and that you continue to avoid smoke, if possible.

The updates aren't that new but PLEASE PAY attention to the adjusted materials pick-up schedule and Back to School Night Information


All students are entitled to basic supplies and curriculum. The schedule (linked here) outlines the handing out of those materials. Some of you have already met with teachers and received some materials but all required curriculum goes out via the schedule seen below.

Please note that date has changed and if the smoke continues at this rate, it will change again. We want to get these materials to you but we can't put you or our staff outdoors for prolonged periods of time for some curriculum. I will keep you updated.

Back to School Night/Labor Day

Back to School Night is Tuesday, September 1. It will be virtual and will generally be held between 6-7:30. Look for specific information from your classroom teacher before weeks end but I wanted to alert you now so you could set aside time.

Also, a reminder that Monday, September 7th is Labor Day and school is close (physical and distance).

I need a device, how will I get one for my child?

If you need a device for your child (don't have a current one), please email our library tech, Maily Wester, at

She will arrange a time and date for pick-up. The pick-up will include information on how to navigate turning on and accessing the Chromebook. That guide can also be found here:

Chromebook Guide

My device is broken/not working, how do i get it fixed?

If your device stops working, please fill this form out: Chromebook Device Repair. Once we see the completed form, we will contact you to arrange a time to come to the site to have the book replaced or repaired. Please always bring the charger when you bring the Chromebook.

Please email me at if you need wireless/hotspot assistance. We don't have them in our possession yet but should soon. I have two requests already and so thanks for that are being proactive.

My AERIES isn't working, what do i do?

The Aeries roll out was an unmitigated disaster for many families. The program was overwhelmed and many families were unable to access the information the system. The program is NOT critical to the start of the year and I can't keep up with the number of emails at this time. I am pausing any response and I appreciate your patience.

If you don't have access and need to update any demographic information, please contact the main office or email

I am having technology issues during a meet/online learning (not broken device), what do I do?

Step One: Deep Breath, you are not alone

Step Two: Contact the classroom teacher, if possible

Step Three: If they can't solve it or don't respond during the school day, email me at

Step Four: Deep Breath, you are still not alone.

Every teacher should have made contact with you either via email, phone, in person, on Class Dojo, or through Google Classroom. If they did not, please email me at so I can make a direct contact you with you and with them. Thank you for your patience. Many emails are incorrect, emails are landing in spam, or in some cases staff just missed a digit. We aren't avoiding you and are doing our best so THANK YOU for your patience.

Lastly, some of you want schedules day one that will last all year. And while we aim to give you just that, please know that it may change as we get to know students and classes and what is working/not working, we may adjust. We realize this may be a burden for some parents and we thank you for patience.

Front Office Appointments

If you need to stop by our main office, please call ahead to make an appointment at 707-864-1905 or email our secretary Please bring your mask and all paperwork needed for registration (birth certificate, shot record, 2- proof of residency, and other school records that you may have). Thank you for your patience as we are getting all of our students into classes as fast as we can!

If you are simply wanting to turn in updated shot records, please email them to our nurse Thank you!

Parent Support Grounds Through PTA

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Cordelia Hills/Phases

FSUSD has created a Phased Plan for those who will remain enrolled at CHE for the 2020-2021 school year. Below is a short description of each phase:

Phase 5: Full in-person school under regular/Pre-COVID operating standards.

Phase 4: Full in-person school with safety protocols in place (5 days a week)

Phase 3: No more than 50% of students attending school at any given time (two days a week)

Phase 2: No more than 25% of students attending school at any given time (one day a week)

Phase 1: 100% of students engaged in distance learning. Few/No students on campus.

Currently, FSUSD is planning for Phase 1. That decision will be reviewed in October.