Whelan Weekend Update

October 21, 2022

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Friday, October 21, 2022

Can you believe next week is the LAST WEEK OF OCTOBER!?!?! Where does the time go?

The colder weather is DEFINITELY rolling in now that Fall is upon us, so please be sure students are dressed appropriately!

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Cellphone Reminder!

Please remind your students that they should NOT have their cellphones out during the school day - while we completely understand and recognize the need for kids to have cellphones, we expect devices to stay IN bags while kids are at school. Any communication that needs to happen with family members while students are at school should involve staff members - this is something we have needed to pay closer and closer attention to here at school, and we would very much appreciate your support with!!


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Whelan Lost & Found

The pile of coats, sweatshirts, water bottles and lunch boxes has already started to grow (and it's not even Winter yet!) - The Lost and Found tables are right across the main foyer from Ms. Ana inside the front door, so please be sure to check for anything your kiddos might be missing if you're in or around the building!
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Whelan Community Connections!

I just wanted to remind you that we will have our 1st Whelan Community Connection on Wednesday, November 2nd - from 8:45 to 9:30 in our Whelan Cafeteria. Please continue to share questions and ideas in this survey so that we can plan ahead for topics that YOU will find helpful!
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Whelan School Improvement Council

We're STILL looking for interested family members to express interest in joining our School Improvement Council...as I have already shared:

The School Improvement Council is a group of Family, Staff and Community members who come together monthly to explore the idea of improving the school experience for everybody - Families, Staff AND Students - here at Whelan.

The Council's work this year will focus on two things:

  • Developing the "What's that at Whelan?" Glossary that will help families better understand different pieces of the Whelan School experience.
  • Engaging Families in the work we have started to do as a Staff to revisit the Whelan Core Values.

We're hoping to have 3-4 Family members on the Council this year. If you are interested in this work, please use this form to share a little bit about yourself and why you're interested in the School Improvement Council.

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Uniform Requests

Please use this Uniform Request Form if you are looking for gently-used uniforms for your Whelan students. We will do our best to fill requests as they come in, and will notify families when your requests are ready.

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Whelan Uniform Ordering

Old School Apparel has updated their Whelan Uniform options with our new Logo - please check out the uniform options they have available for order through their website.

We are also working with Old School Apparel to add a "Spirit Wear" section to their Whelan-specific online shop - stay tuned for more information about what that could look like!

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RPS Paraprofessional Opportunities

RPS is still looking for interested community members to join our team of Paraprofessionals - here's some info about an upcoming ParaPro Exam that's an important step in the process!


I’m using my Twitter feed to provide more of a lens into classroom experiences this year. You can follow me at https://twitter.com/WhelanPrincipal

Important Upcoming Dates

  • Wednesday, November 2nd - Whelan Community Connection! (8:45 in the Cafeteria)

  • Wednesday, November 2nd - EARLY RELEASE - 11:30 Dismissal

  • Tuesday, November 8th - NO SCHOOL

  • Friday, November 11th - NO SCHOOL

*the full RPS calendar can be found here*
*Important Whelan dates are also posted on our school website at whe.reverek12.org*