Mammoth Fossils In Waco

Fossils Have Been Found

Breaking News! Discovery Made!

In Waco they have found many Mammoth fossils and it is looking cool! Paleontologists are very excited about the findings. They have found 17 mammoths in one area! It was believed to be a nursing herd. Paleontologist are taking the fossils to Baylor University to be studied on.

Paleontologists believe their is even more mammoths that can be found. Their is more than 200 acres of land and that they only searched two acres of land. The mammoths that they discovered are approximately 67,000 years old! Now all the the fossils are kept in Baylor. Paleontologists are still working to find out if their is many other fossils.

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Effects On The Ecosystem Of A Mammoth Extinction

The extinction of mammoths had to have a massive effect on the ecosystem. Without one animal it can lead to a huge problem. We make sure that animals don't go extinct because it can lead to an unbalanced ecosystem. Without mammoths some of its predators may go extinct because they don't have anything to feed on.

Mammoths would consume between 130 to 660 pounds a day! That is a lot so think about this, so when the mammoths went extinct their was a lot more of vegetation. We want to keep the ecosystem balanced with any little mess up we can make it unbalanced. So when the mammoths died out,then predators, then without predators to eat the other animals their would be too much of a population!

Religious Reactions To Discovery!

Religion is very important to may people, but how would you think they would react if they saw this discovery and it was not in their origin story. Well it would be very new to them. But I think they would think it is wired and crazy. They would to begin to wonder. They would start asking questions.

These religious groups are now thinking that it is crazy. They are so used to their origin stories that they are thinking that this is crazy. Discoveries are being made like this and people are now asking questions. These Religious people really believe their origin story and they study it. They would begin to wonder or they wouldn't care.

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The Scale

This scale shows the Ausralovenator an this is a dinosaur that was very viscous. This scale shows measurements of the length, height, its feet, and its tail. So the key is 1 in=5 m and it explains the proportions. So you take the regular measurements and you divide it by 5 and you get your proportion.

The height in inches is 0.32 and in the feet in inches is 0.6. The length is 1 meter and the tail is 3 in. These are all the measurements. The Australovenator is very long and it is fast.