You are Appreciated!

Monday Memo, May 2, 2016

This Week is Staff Appreciation Week!

Sitting Spot word of the Week....

Appreciation (Noun):
  • Grateful, thankful, loved, indebtedness, tribute, recognition, gratitude, admiration

Words are not enough to express all that you do for our Oak Farm Community!


Don't forget to check you mailboxes EVERYDAY this week for special goodies!

Dates to Note:

Monday, May 2:
  • Staff Appreciation Week Begins!
  • Primary Soccer shots 3:30 - 4:10 pm behind Victorian Farmhouse
  • Away Track Meet with Edon and Canterbury 5 pm @ Hamilton
  • Home Golf Match with Fremont 5 pm @ Cobblestone

Tuesday, May 3:

  • Lower Elementary Soccer Shots 3:35-4:15 pm behind Lower Elementary
  • Positive Discipline Class with Brenda 6-7:30 pm @ Green Farmhouse

Wednesday, May 4:

  • Golf Practice 4 pm @ Cobblestone
  • Home Golf Match with Hamilton 5 pm @ Cobblestone

Thursday, May 5:

  • Track Practice 3:45 pm @ Middle School

Friday, May 6:

  • Staff Appreciation Lunch by Snyder Foods

Sunday, May 8:

  • Happy Mother's Day!!

Monday, May 9:

  • Primary Soccer Shots 3:30 - 4:10 pm behind Vic House
  • Golf Practice 4 pm @ Cobblestone
  • Away Track meet with Hamilton, and Eastside 5 pm @ Prairie Heights


Linda is looking for a good home for a lovely 10-12 week old rooster. He is young and Healthy and available to anyone wanting a chicken. If someone on the faculty wants him, or if someone the faculty knows would want him, just let Linda Hoffman know. Thanks!

A Second with Sarah....

Paid Personal Time

As we head into the last 5 weeks of the school year, please keep in mind the school's policy on using your paid personal time: "It is highly discouraged to take paid personal days the last two weeks of school. Unused paid personal time may receive a bonus of $50 per 8 hour increment to be paid with the last pay of the current school year in August. If you believe that you have unused personal time, please contact Human Resources to request the bonus pay." Please contact Sarah S-C with any questions!

The Importance of Disaster Prevention....



  • NO ALARM WILL SOUND. Earthquakes are signaled by low, loud rumbling.
  • If possible, a verbal announcement via phone page, radio page, or in person will be given to begin to take cover.

Procedure - Teachers, Co-Teachers, Assistants &Specialists

  • Tell your students: "Earthquake, take cover."
  • If you are inside a building, everyone should duck and cover up under the nearest desk or table or in an inside corner of the classroom. Stay away from windows, glass, and anything that could fall especially overhead light fixtures and book cases.
  • If you are outside, stay there. Move away from buildings, light poles, broken electrical equipment, and utility wires.
  • Do not be surprised if the electricity goes out or if fire alarms and sprinklers go on.
  • Once the ground and building stop shaking, use the fire procedure and exit route.
  • Get attendance book, hand-held radios, emergency bag and inspect bathrooms and other classroom areas for students.
  • Instruct students to line up for evacuation and do a head count.
  • Do NOT move the seriously injured unless they are still in danger. Administer first aid, if necessary.
  • Lead the students to the closest "Safe Area." If possible, have one faculty member lead the students and another faculty member follow. This will ensure that all students remain in line and are accounted for.
  • Be alert for unsafe areas.
  • Do NOT use the telephone, light switches, matches, candles, or the open flames until authorized to do so.
  • Keep students quiet and calm.
  • At the "safe Area," verify head count.
  • Report any missing or injured students to Crisis Response Team using hand-held radio.
  • Remain with students.
  • Listen for further instructions on hand-held radio.
  • Be prepared for aftershocks and remind others that aftershocks are possible.

A Moment with Macy....

A Haiku for You!


to all who work at Oak Farm

This week and all year!

This week is Teacher Appreciation week - some may think this is a "Hallmark holiday" - but even if it is, all who consider Oak Farm their place of employment will receive treats from the Oak Farm parents. Look for these in your mailboxes this week - and Friday is free lunch day! Anna Outten will be delivering boxed lunches to you on Friday (that is IF you ordered one!)

Kickin' it with Kelly!

It's that time of year again to start thinking ahead to next school year. I'm taking paper orders and glove orders for your classroom needs so they can be ordered at a better price and available to you that first day of teacher work week. Please email me the quantity you need for your classroom/building for each of these two products. Right now paper is $24.99/case (which is $3 less then previous years).

Lifting it up with Lori Z!

Oak Farm Spring Sports Updates

  • It is fun watching and hearing about the track and golf meets/matches. Keep up the hard work, athletes & coaches!
  • Sign up now for Fall 2016-17 sports! See below


Monday, May 2nd

Home Golf Meet with Fremont at 5:00PM.

Wednesday, May 4th

Home Golf Meet with Hamilton at 5:00PM.

Looking ahead:

Monday, May 9th

Outdoor Golf Practice 4pm @ Cobblestone.

Wednesday, May 11th

Outdoor Golf Practice 4pm @ Cobblestone.

Friday, May 13th

Golf Meet @ Cobblestone with CN & WN; hosted by Central Noble @ 5PM.

Monday, May 16th

Home Golf Meet with Canterbury @ 5PM.


Monday, May 2nd

Track Meet @ Hamilton with Edon & Canterbury @ 5:00PM. Arrive by 4:30PM.

Hamilton schools (elementary, middle and high) are all one building and the track is easy to find behind the facility.

Thursday, May 5th

Practice 3:45pm - 5:30pm @ Middle school.

Looking ahead:

Monday, May 9th

Track Meet @ Prairie Heights with Hamilton & Eastside @ 5:00PM. Arrive by 4:30PM.

Thursday, May 12th

Track Meet @Canterbury @ 5:00PM. Arrive by 4:30PM.

Pizza Party to follow @ Pizza Hut on Coventry Lane. Plan approximately $6.00 per person. Families of athletes are encouraged and welcome to join.

RSVP to Lori Z. PLEASE so we can get a head count. Uniforms will be turned in after the track meet; be sure your athlete brings a change of clothes.

Cross Country

It is time to sign up for Fall 2016-17 CC. If you are interested, reply to this email!

Flyers are being sent home next week with students who will be in 5th through 8th grades for the 2016-17 school year.

Friday, May 6th, 2016: CC coach, Belinda Burton, will address questions during Middle school lunch from 12 to 12:30. Parents are welcome to attend. Upper students are welcomed if arranged with their teacher.


It is time to sign up for Fall 2016-17 CC. If you are interested, reply to this email!
Flyers are being sent home with students who will be in 5th through 8th grades for the 2016-17 school year.


Opportunity From East Noble:

Its that time of year again! Almost Football season! Make sure and get registered for this years Knights Youth FB Camp..

Date: June 13th -16th
: 10:00AM - 2:00PM
: East Noble HS Varsity FB Field
: Boys Entering 1st-8th Grades
Lunch is provided
Please register online or print form and return form

May Birthdays!

Ben Bollinger: May 5th

Michal Miller: May 21st

Debbie Kovets: May 24th

Kim Green & Meghan Dohring: May 28th