Dream Vacation


My dream vacation is going to Canberra,Australia. Canberra, Australia is located in the northen end of Australian Capital Territory. I want to visit this place because of the Koala bears and the great beaches.

Ten interesting facts about Canberra, Australia

1. the great beaches

2. close to the Australian capital Territory

3. the islands

4. adventure

5. surfing

6.Koala bears

7. whale watching

8.Luxury lodges of Australia

9. diving

10. fishing


It will take about 23 hours to get to canberra. Canberra is 8,732 miles away from willis tx. I will take just me. I will get there on a plane. I will be staying there for two weeks.

Lodging and Cost

I will stay at Capital Executere apartment hotel. 108 northenbouren on braddon, Act, 2601 Australia.I will need to pack my phone, charger, clothes, shoes , hats, swimming clothes, socks. and alot of other stuff.




spending money=50




the total amount of the trip=3,326.32


I will go to beaches, diving, see koala bears, fishing, whale watching. what is there to do? fish, whale watching, koala bears, diving, scout, beach, swimming. the unique thing about it is it is peaceful.