Life in soccer cleats

Soccer cleats

Soccer cleats

King Henry Vll is credited of the soccer cleats. They were made by shoe maker Cornelius Johnson arounded 1525. The first soccer cleats where made with strong leather and much beavers then them know. Between 1500's and 1800's soccer gained much popularity in great Britain. They had no rules so it causing them to get broken bones and they were blending

Day of life

Dear fan, I know you wanted my autograph. I had to rush out the field. If I can find that guy I need to give him a autographs. I hate when I get rush to the field that make it that I can't see my fans.

Why I choose this shoe

I picked soccer cleats because I like to play soccer. When I was litte I played on a soccer team. My dad always played soccer with and that why I picked soccer cleats.
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