Stomach Exercises For Women

3 Exercises That Will Flatten Your Stomach Fast

Believe or not, sit ups and crunches are not the best way to lose fat and reduce the bulge around your stomach. In fact, they are very low in list of quality and effective abdominal workouts. Abdominal exercises that produces results must incorporate two things. first the movement must contain enough intensity to lose fat. Secondly, the movement must indirectly or directly involve the midesction.

Here's three effective abdominal exercises that will definitely lose fat around the middle.

Kettlebell Swing or Dumbbell Swing

A lot of people are not too familiar with kettlebell exercises but they are very effective against stubborn belly fat. Kettlebells are actually old school lifting

equipment popularized by Russian athletes. If you don't have access to kettlebells, you can do the exact movement with a pair of dumbbells. The swings can be performed with one hand or with both hands. Each movement involves the hip, back, shoulders but most importantly the swings targets the midesction creating a fat burning furnace around your midsection.

Mountain climbers (one of my favorites)

The benefits of mountain climbers are enormous as it engages the upper and lower abdominal with every single movement. What really separates this exercise from the rest is that the intensity of this particular exercise is through the roof. Because of the intensity involved with this workout, you'll get results much faster than doing a zillion crunches. Mountain climbers is the go to exercise for building a strong core, but the best part is the movements associated

with this exercise will burn fat at an accelerated rate around the middle.The dept of penetration directly to the sectors of the abdominal wall is truly why I give this exercise a thumbs up.

Jump rope (great fat burning workout)

Using a jump rope to burn fat is extremely effective. The rule of thumb to follow when great looking abs is your goal is that you must lower your body fat percentage. If your body fat is too high, you'll never see your abs. The good news is Jump roping burns fat at an accelerated pace and will ultimately lower your body fat percentage. For best results, jump rope for 5 minutes straight with 1-2 minuted of active rest. Repeat the exercise three times.

Flexband wood chop

The benefits of using resistance bands to build a super lean midsection is countless. Resistance bands for whatever reason are the forgotten equipment when it comes to building a strong core. The truth is resistance bands will develop and strength the core quicker than doing crunches. One exercise that

will add variety to your workout is the exercise band wood chops. The movement can be performed with one hand or with both hands. The exercise involves the lower body and the upper body but the best part is the movement also involves the abs.

Here's 3 other great resistance band abdominal exercises that I recommend:

1. Flexband two hand squat and pull

2. Flexband Criss-cross jump and lunge

3. Flexband one hand squat and pull

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