Love stories with no fairytale end

Are You A Freak Or A Normal ?

The latest news is that Zil and his crew of normal's tried murdering Hunter and believe only the normal's should be in the FAYZ. Will you let Zil terrify children and kick them out pf their homes, just because their a freak. What do you think weekly town gossip tell us who's side your on.


At the tender age of 16 Caine Temple sadly died on December 6, 2014 . He was born on August 29, 1999. He was honored for his bravery and he proved it by trying to save Dianna. One of his many selfcentered accomplishments was turning of the electricity supply of Perdido Beach. He successfully attended Coates Accedemy and he was honorably buried there. Caine Temple had no surviving relatives accept his twin brother Sam, unfortunately his father Tegan Smith and his mother Connie Temple vanished at the beginning of the FAYZ.


Astrid passed away at a young age of 16 on December 19,2014. She was born on February 7,1999. She died when Sam was fighting Caine and Dianna stabbed her in the stomach.She was a very kind,lovable ,and intelligent person who cared for brother a lot. She was well educated and belonged to a nice family. Her only surviving relative is her brother, Little Pete. She was buried near the plaza in Perdido beach.

Houses for sale

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