Savanna, four interesting facts

- Kikuya also incorporate music into everyday life.

- The region is mosly music.

- food from Savanna is has raditionaly made ingredients easier.

- The people of Africa vast Savanna are united by their strong identiy

Interesting things i learned about one particular group of people found in Savanna

- They sprrawl plains surrownded them.

- pastoral groups came to Savanna looking for food.

- Today these hunter gathers exist.

-The Borbo joined by hjerdsman.

-The Massai share the plains with the Kikuya.

Animals in Savanna

The topical features of Savanna

- As Savanna is a rolling Grassland.

- is greatly lacking in moisture.

-mostly flat with hills.

- many plants.

- there is a tropical rainforest and Desert biome.

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