South Carolina

Loyal now...Rebels later

Georgia on my mind

When the Carolina colony was first founded in 1663, present day North and South Carolina were one colony. Carolina stretched from the 31st parallel all the way to the border of the Spanish colony called Florida. In 1729, the colonies split into North and South Carolina. After the initial, there was another divide within the southern colonies, in 1732 Georgia was created as a buffer between Florida and the British Colonies.

Indigo, go, go

South Carolina was a proprietary colony founded in 1663. I made the journey to Charlestown in 1673 after it had been moved and renamed from Charles Town. I came over to start an indigo plantation. The new colony had a long growing season and tropical climate that allowed for the perfect location for my indigo plantation. Other crops grew nicely here too like cotton and tobacco. I began with a four indentured servants working the land for 3 years each. However, after the first season I realized I needed a lot more hands working in the fields especially during the harvest. I turned to the local slave market to find the extra hands. Slavery was very common in the low country not only among blacks but also Indians. The slave market was supplied heavily by the Indians giving their prisoners and other rival tribes members. After increasing the hands on the farm, my second growing season flourished and produced more indigo than I had ever imagined. Each season I was able to increase my production allowing me to export more to England and make a nice profit. If you ever want to take a risk, start an indigo plantation!

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