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By Request

In the Tech Goal survey, several SS teachers requested regular updates on apps that might be used in the Social Studies Classroom. Other requests included instructions for creating a narrated flipped video and ways for students to create a product to show what they know. I will try to fulfill all these requests in this monthly newsletter.

Using Quicktime to Create a Screencast

Screencasts are an effective way to reteach, review, or flip concepts. A great article on how to do this can be located here: . I also have a few tips:

  • If you use SMART Notebook, Google Slides, or Power Point as your guide, do not go full screen in these programs. Keep it small where you can navigate from slide to slide and be able to hit Stop when you are finished recording.
  • Do not record the entire screen in Quicktime. Choose just the slide portion as the part you want to capture. See the picture below.
  • Your movie will look like a full screen video, but you will have room to maneuver the 2 apps that you are using. This technique also makes the file size smaller.

  • Do not be a perfectionist! Talk in an informal tone or talk like you are speaking to a group of students. Mess-ups are ok!
  • Make your videos short: 5 minute max.
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Cool Apps for Social Studies

As always, if you would like to make an appointment with me to explore these tools together, please send an email to

Primary Document in Today's Doc

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Screen Shot of a LittleBig History Timeline on the iPad

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