Chia Seed Lab

By: Clare Drobny and Ellie Flynn

Does the amount of chia seeds in a pot affect how tall they grow?

Research: We found a website saying to plant chia seeds 12 inches apart, so we decided to see if putting them closer together would affect their growth.


If there are more seeds, then they will struggle to grow because it is too crowded.


Independent variable: The number of chia seeds

Dependent variable: Height (cm)

Control: One chia seed

Standardized/controlled variables: size of chia seed, spacing between seeds when planted, and amount of soil and water they are given

Extraneous variables: uneven amount of sunlight


  1. Fill 3 dixie cups with same amount of soil.

  2. Put 1 seed in the middle of the soil about an ½ inch deep in the first dixie cup and label this cup 1 (control).

  3. Take second cup and place 4 seeds within 1 square inch of soil and press them in 1/2 inch deep. Label this cup with a 4.

  4. Put the remaining 8 chia seeds within 1 square inch evenly spaced out. Place the seeds 1/2 inch deep. Label this cup with an 8.

  5. Water the seeds every day for 9 days (not including weekends)

  6. Measure and water each weekday. Do not water on weekends.

  7. After 9 weekdays compare the heights of the sprouts with how close they were to each other.

Data Table

Big image


The cup with 4 chia seeds had the most growth. The cup with 8 chia seeds took slightly longer to start growing and the cup with 1 chia seed didn't grow at all.


Some, but not too much, competition helps the chia seeds grow; therefore, our hypothesis was wrong.

If We Could Do the Lab Again

We would do more research before beginning. We also have more cups with different amount of chia seeds.