July 6, 2018


Welcome to EXPLORE! Session #2!!

Our department received and answered in excess of 1000 help tickets during Session #1.

It might feel a bit lonesome to complete a form and hope that someone has eyes on your request. Want a peak into what happens after you click submit?

There are five -seven EXPLORE/AAA/RECORDS office staff just waiting for your information to pop up. Within seconds...and I am not exaggerating, someone from this department puts their name on your concern to resolve. Some are very easy and can be accomplished within a minute...less time than an average wait on a phone call to any department that puts you on hold. Others might take more time, but there is someone working for you at any given time.

We have two staff members at all times to work the hardest concerns. For example, recently a secretary stated that they could not get into any systems with a temporary password. Our staff researched and determined the person had two accounts. They fixed it and reported back to the secretary. FIXED and done.

Here is how you can help us, help you. When you ask us to drop a student during Session # 2 please put a ticket in with this information.


Student Name, Student #number, course to drop-course # and attendance information: no show from day one OR the last day the student attended.

  • When you put in a ticket for other assistance, try to include very specific details about what is the matter. It helps us resolve things quickly.

We appreciate your use of the ticket system. It provides our department with essential data on what concerns are most troublesome and what new supports need to be implemented for you or the SIS systems. This data from the tickets has helped modify training for new secretaries and given us an indepth look at areas of frustrations that can be remedied.

Our goal is to make your job easier. We want and need your help to accomplish this. It is a team effort. Thank you and GO TEAM!

Legal Matters

If you have questions about legal matters between feuding adults, consult with your principal. They should be helpful. You can also reach out to Ann White's office at 523-0230 for assistance in these confusing issues.
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