Chocolate Labradors

Did you know the Chocolate Lab is the rarest of all the Labradors?

In this book you’re holding, there is valuable information about....THE CHOCOLATE LABRADOR! I’m going to tell you all about the life span and all that training. Even if you already own a dog, you can always find out more. I cover everything from responsibilities to important health issues. You could purchase the biggest, darkest lab there is and still have no idea how much exercise they need. Then comes feeding and if you’re going to get a puppy, potty training is a must. While you're learning about the marvelous creatures, don't forget to look into the history. One of the best parts of having a lab is how loyal and protective they are, but that sometimes is not good because they won’t be used to different people. Overall they are a great breed of dog and I would recommend labs to anyone that loves large dogs. Make sure to read this informative book about your fabulous chocolate labrador!

By Megan Farley