Thanking Paul Revere

Michael A.


"The British are coming"

Early Life

Paul Revere had a very diligent early life.He had many jobs,for instance,he worked as a silver smith. He joined the Sons of Liberty and had the Boston Tea Party.He fought for no more British rule because the they were making the colonies pay too many taxes.Paul Revere was a very hard worker.


Revere fought in many ways to create the United States.Revere worked as a spy in the Revolutionary war against the British.Revere was also a messenger and warned the patriots that the British were coming.They made statues and put him an the Historical Hall of Fame because of all his hard work.Reveres diligence showed he was a fighter.

Remembering Paul Revere

Revere was a hero for all of the United States.Revere had many caracter traits because he never gave up.Revere was very brave to warn the patriots,for instance,he knew could be caught.Revere was very diligent because he had multiple jobs.Revere never gave on the united states.Thats why he is an american hero.