NC: Wright brothers memorial.

Wright brothers memorial


1 It has the largest memorial for a person living

2 The doors are stainless steel over nickel with a price $3000 dollars in 1982

3 At the memorial 20000 people were expected to come but only a thousand did manly it was stormy.

4 In the memorial you can see the tools they used and engines.

5 in the end 1,200 tons of granite more than 2000 tons of gravel more than 800 tons of sand and almost

400 tons of cement were used to build the structure.

more facts

6 it is 60 feet wide and 92 feet tall

7 It costed $213,000 dollars to make.

8 It started being built in 1931 and finished 1932

9 at the top there is a marine beacon like ones on light houses.

10 In side you can see how the first plane looked like and the testing room.

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