Take a PEAK

April 2014

Theme Study

Second graders are using their research skills to gather information about their inventor's background. They are doing a great job organizing the information and developing paragraphs for each section of the "Who Am I" published book they will create. I am seeing evidence of a deep understanding of paragraph structure and attention to detail. There are some very strong writers in this class--I'm anxious to see their end product.

Activity Centers

  • Math Center: Students are progressing nicely through the math units.
  • Topic Study: Published projects are shaping up--they have more to share with you at Showcase!
  • Science: They are continuing to learn about simple machines. Below are some pictures of our experiment using an inclined plane and wheel and axle. Students are measuring the distance their toy car travels as they adjust the height of the ramp.

Looking ahead:

  • In the weeks ahead students will be brainstorming ideas for an invention of their own. Additional information will be coming home with your child. Please feel free to assist your child as they work out the details of their invention. More information to come!
  • May 12-All projects are due today! PEAK Showcase at Shoal Creek from 6:30-8:00. More information to come
  • May 19-Last day of PEAK. This will be our final day to wrap things up for the school year. This is a change from our original schedule. Adjustments have been made due to all the snow days this year.