Bald Eagles

By A.H.


  • The Bald Eagle is classified as a bird
  • It's covered in brown or black feathers, except for its head and tail, which are white
  • Female Bald Eagles are 35 to 37 inches long, with a wingspan of 79 to 90 inches
  • Male Bald Eagles are 30 to 34 inches long, with a wingspan of 72 to 85 inches
  • The Bald Eagle communicates through high-pitched chirping or whistling
  • Bald Eagle skeletons weigh about half a pound, only 5 to 6 percent of the actual weight

Food Chain and Habitat

  • Bald Eagle food sources are carrion, fish, small birds, rodents, and whatever they can catch
  • Bald Eagles find food in and around rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water
  • The Bald Eagle is a carnivore
  • Bald Eagles are predators that hunt fish, small birds, and small mammals
  • The Bald Eagle lives in United States of America and Canada on the continent of North America
  • Bald Eagles like large lakes with surrounding forest and plenty of fish
  • Bald Eagles are mostly found in a humid continental climate
  • Bald Eagles live and raise their young in a nest


  • Eyes: Bald Eagles have excellent daylight eyesight but pupil is too small for night vision they also a third eyelid or nictitating membrane which is a clear eyelid that lets the eagle moisten its eyes without closing them
  • Bald Eagles eyesight is at least 4 times better than a human with perfect eyesight
  • Bald Eagle claws are designed to catch fish
  • The beak is used to rip prey into bite-size chunks
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Reasons for Endangerment and Critical Information

  • The main reason for the Bald Eagles endangerment is a pesticide called DDT, which went into the water and poisoned fish, which then poisoned Bald Eagles since fish is such a large part of the eagles diet
  • Bald Eagles also suffer from loss of habitat to humans
  • The death rate of eagles in their first year is 30%
  • The Bald Eagle Protection Act of 1940 prohibits the owning of a Bald Eagle without consent from the Fish and Wildlife Service and outlaws the hunting and killing of Bald Eagles