The Picture of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde


Basil Hallward is a painter who used Dorian Gray for his model of his latest painting. When Dorian sees the painting of himself he is struck with awe of his own image, and soon becomes overwhelmed by his fear that his own youth and "beauty" that he sees in himself will fade away. He becomes jealous that the picture will be beautiful forever while he withers with age. Throughout the book as Dorian does bad deeds, then his potrait gets uglier and ages. In the end, Dorian decides to destroy his picture with a knife. His servants hear a faint cry and rush downstairs and find Dorian Gray lying on the ground dead with a knife plunged into his chest.


My overall review of this book would definitely be good. This book had a mysterious and interesting twist each time you turned a page. You really had to read closely to get every detail that happened. Dorian saw things in a different perspective than the other characters in the book and i admired that a lot. If you are a good reader and like a little bit of a challenge, then i would advise this book to you.

Dorian Gray

He is the main character of this novel. He devotes himself to having as many experiences as possible, whether its moral or immoral.

Basil Hallward

Basil, also a main character, is the artist that painted the portrait of Dorain. He said "Dorian possesses a beauty so rare that it has helped him realize a new kind of art."

Lord Henry Wotton

Lord Henry Wotton, the last main character of this novel. A great friend of Dorain's, but not liked so much by Basil. Lord Henry is very fascintated with Dorian's outlook on life. Henry's influence has a large effect on Dorian

Favorite Passage

My favorite passage of this book would probably have to be in chapter 20. In this chapter Dorian goes to the locked room to look at his portrait hoping his decision to amend his life has changed. When he looks at his portrait he sees that there is no change except (and I quote from the book) “In the eyes there was a look of cunning, and in the mouth the curved wrinkle of the hypocrite.” He realizes that his attempt to be good had no affect. Furious at this fact, Dorian uses the same knife that he killed Basil with and destroys the painting. Later, his servants discovered an old wrinkled man stabbed in the heart, dead. They soon identified him as Dorian Gray.

I like this passage because the portrait is more of a metaphor supymbolizing his own life. Life is a gift and you can't take back your mistakes or regrets no matter how much you even wanted to.

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