LEHS Band Newsletter

Edition #1 (September 8-18, 2020)

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A Note from Mr. Felice

Welcome back to LEHS! We are so excited to be teaching our band students once again IN PERSON! I can speak for all the directors when I say, we have missed our students and are enjoying hearing music being performed again!

If you have not gone through the Band Checklist, please do so ASAP. We are still collecting forms from our students. Also, many students still either owe LEISD for Band/Guard Equipment Usage Fees or the Little Elm Band Boosters for band fees/dues. Please make sure these are paid in full by October 1st. If additional time is needed, please send a note to Mr. Felice, so that we know what kind of payment plan would be best for you.

Wanting to keep our band parents well-informed, we will be having ZOOM Parent Meetings for all band students/parents next week. The ZOOM links are listed below under UPCOMING EVENTS. The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday (9/8) - Freshman at 6:30 pm / Sophomores at 7:30 pm

Thursday (9/10) - Juniors at 6:30 pm / Seniors at 7:30 pm

* If there is an issue with your scheduled time, please join us when you can. Since ZOOM has a limit on participants, the schedule shown above will allow everyone the ability to attend. We will be going over the plan for marching season / rehearsals, as well as elect new LEBB officers, etc...

I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe! We are looking forward to a GREAT year with our LOBO BAND!


Below are the current positions and who holds them. We have vacant positions that need to be filled. If you are interested in running for one of these positions, please send an email to presidentlebb@gmail.com so your name can be added to the ballot before the meetings.

Board Positions

President - Vacant (Running for position, Debbie Bruner)

Vice President - Debbie Bruner (Running for position, Mac Sandoval)

Treasurer - Vacant (Running for position, Zach Endecott)

Secretary - Jennifer Donaldson, Vacant ( Running for position, Kerry Peterson)

Chair Positions

Band Banquet - Kim Mills

Band Trip - Jennifer Donaldon

Charms - Susan Rodocker

Charms Co-Chair - Jenny Brown

Chaperones/Volunteers - Christina Cunningham

Classic on the Lake - Staci Horvath

Concessions - Jo Fuller

Guard - Christi Pritts

Publicity Coordinator & Photographer - Jenny Brown

Scholarships - Vacant

Uniforms - Janice Weikert

Webmaster/Communications - Vacant


September 8 - Marching Band Rehearsal (3:30-5:30 pm)

September 8 - Freshman Parent Meeting via ZOOM (6:30 pm), ZOOM LINK (click here)

September 8 - Sophomore Parent Meeting via ZOOM (7:30 pm), ZOOM LINK (click here)

September 10 - Marching Band Rehearsal (3:30-5:30 pm)

September 10 - Junior Parent Meeting via ZOOM (6:30 pm), ZOOM LINK (click here)

September 10 - Senior Parent Meeting via ZOOM (7:30 pm), ZOOM LINK (click here)

September 15 - Marching Band Rehearsal (3:30-5:30 pm)

September 17 - Marching Band Rehearsal (3:30-5:30 pm)

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Band Registration for the 2020-2021 school year is online. By now, we realize that 90%+ of all band students have completed this registration. If not, please make sure this done ASAP. Thank you!


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Beginning in 2019, UIL now requires ALL BAND STUDENTS to get physicals, just like students in athletics. In 2019, we required ALL Band members at LEHS to turn in a medical history & physical form. The medical history form is required yearly, while the actual physical form completed by a doctor, is only required every other year. Therefore, only FRESHMAN band members need to have physicals for 2020-2021. Please be sure to turn this form in to the Band Office ASAP.

* However, ALL BAND STUDENTS need to complete a Medical History Form this year.

Please see the attached paperwork.

Marching Band Physical Examination FAQ

Medical History & Physical Examination Forms

* Freshmen must complete both pages. Everyone else must complete just the first page, Medical History.

SLT Welcome our Freshman (Video)

Please click the highlighted link below. Thanks to our Head Drum Major, Jack Weikert, for putting this great welcoming video together for our newest band members! Thanks also to Drum Majors Jannely Alcala and Maximus Gregg for their contribution in visiting with all Lobo Band SLT over the summer.

Welcome Freshman Class! Please meet your 2020 Lobo Band - Student Leadership Team.

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Lesson Intent / Scholarship Form

If your child is interested in private lessons, please complete this form. If your child might need scholarship assistance for lessons, there is a place to provide that on this form. The deadline to request scholarship assistance will be 9/18.

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Thanks to the Little Elm Band Boosters, EVERY BAND STUDENT at LEHS was given a one-year subscription to Smartmusic. Smartmusic is an online, interactive program that makes practice more enjoyable and fulfilling for band students. It provides a wealth of practice materials, accompaniment recordings, band recordings, etc..as well as a way for directors to provide greater feedback and performance assessment. Please be sure your child has accepted the invitation that was sent via school email and they complete the Smartmusic registration. They will enjoy having this practice resource!
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Volunteer Background Form

All parents need to complete a volunteer form for the new school year. This allows you to chaperone or volunteer any band event within the school year. This must be done for 2020-2021 after July 1st. Thank you!

Please UPDATE Charms Accounts

All 2020-2021 Lobo Band students are now in CHARMS, with the exception of freshman. Please login to Charms and UPDATE ALL PERSONAL INFORMATION ASAP. This will ensure that everyone receives newsletters and other important information regarding the Lobo Band.

Go to charmsoffice.com

Enter as the login: LittleElmHSB

Password: Six-digit Student ID# (unless you have set-up another password)

*Please be sure to SAVE all new information in Charms.

Thank you!


Band Hall Phones

The band directors can be reached at the following extensions: (972) 947-9443

Frank Felice (ext. 25108)

Maxwell Atkinson (ext. 25110)

Matt Neal (ext. 25109)

Kristen Zotti (ext. 25109)