The Watson's go to Birmingham

By Christopher Curtis / Project by Porter Hicky


TWGTB is a historical fiction that takes place in the 60's.


The theme is that you need to care for others, not just your self. Byron didn't really care about his family until he helped Kenny get out of his funk.


This book takes place in Flint, Michigan and in Birmigham, Alabama.

Main Character: Kenny

Kenny is a little shy, but a good friend once you get to know him, and he loves to play with his collection of little plastic dinosaurs. He is also a typical fourth grader. He is picked on by older kids and is hassled by his big brother.


The conflict of TWGTB is that Byron is now a juvenile delinquent so, his parents decide that they should visit Byron's grandma for a while to help Byron act better. This might have helped Byron, but it might have not helped him. Go read this book to find out if Byron stops being a trouble maker.