Motor Club of America


150,000 Dollars worth of benefits. Towing, Dental, Vision, Roadside services, Car Rentals, Travel Discounts

MCA is Hiring like crazy!!!!!!

Hello my name is Barbara Davis, TVC MCA/Motor Club of America Recruiter.Would you like to stay at and work. Let me start by saying that if this is correct Motor Club of America is not something that you want to pass up. Motor Club of America (MCA) has been an established and well trusted name since 1926 offering Emergency Roadside Services and so much more to the truck driving industry. With over 7 million members across the US and Canada MCA is continuing to grow. In 2011 MCA revamped their benefits packing allowing them to service the average automobile driver. With this revamping of the benefits packages it allowed MCA to offer this Home Associate position to their members. Home Associates advertise on their own time online and offline allowing them to stay home with their children or just work part time from home to make some extra income without having to go out and get a second hourly paid job. As a Home Associate not only do you get all the great benefits but you also get the most amazing compensation plan to go along with it and you get paid weekly every Friday via direct deposit. 200% commission! With plans starting at $9.95 MCA makes it easy to make money. It is impossible to not succeed with MCA Let’s use an example using the Total Security for $19.95 a month. **One must pay first and last’s months upon first payment when signing up** $19.95*2=39.90 first payment. You make $80 for that referral. 1 signup per day for 7 days $80*7=$560 That’s $560 for just an hour or two a day of work. To sign up go to go to additional products choose your plan, purchase it and fill in all the information then when you are all set there find the become an associate tab click and register. Simple as that. You will then receive an email containing the forms that need to be signed, sign them and fax or send them. If you have any questions please feel free to call/text or email me at either email address on the top of the page. I will be your sponsor and I will help you every step of the way. Thank You and I hope to work with you, Barbara Davis

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