Stock market Analyst

journey into the market

Purchasing/Selling Strategy

In the beginning I was blinded by name brand stocks and lack of knowledge. The original plan was to invest in companies I knew and trusted. My foolish purchasing of stocks without thinking about their history or researching them at all was my achellies heel early in the game. Then I researched companies and began to invest in other companies I felt I had a better opportunity of success with. Then I began to create a strategy and system where I would buy a company when it was low right now but its monthly was up and its 5 month was up then once it went up sell it all. Then I would wait and when it went back down I would invest in the same exact company again when it went down and then wait for it to go back up again. process was repeated until i felt the company wasn't rising enough and I began to see a decrease in the monthly.

Overall Gain/Loss

After the game I had an ending overall gain of $2,219.22. This was among the top of the class. I think i had such high gains because I had thousands of shares in a company that did rather well over the test period. When my companies did good i did great because i had so many shares. I believe this was a huge contribution to my success within the game.

I Came In 2nd

My final Ranking was second out of twenty four. I think having a general understand of stocks and trading gave me a early advantage over many students. I am proud of my accomplishment of coming in second. However I am not content with it, I would much rather have ended in first. But that is just my competitive nature.

Money Makers

Atmos Energy Corp or ATO on the stock market was my biggest money maker. It is a major gas company and I liked their week and monthly numbers when I saw that they were down I felt that gas and stock in ATO was going to rise. Also because I held so much stock in them a small raise fore the company meant a big raise for me.

Money Losers

Nike or NKE and Verizon or VZ. I invested in these companies because they were the name brands I knew and loved. this turned out to be a waste of money because in the short time I was invested in them they shot me down to last place and I was -$1000. This was when i changed my strategy and began to make my way back to making money.


I noticed that all of my stocks went down and up on a daily bases. I would have a stock go down for three days then overnight go back up to where it was or more and vise-versa. I began to develop my own strategies to try to predict or ready myself for the fall of my stock prices. I also noticed that none of my stocks gained as fast as they lost. They would take a few days to go up but only a few hours to decrease. I thought that this was very interesting, and very hard to predict.

Rational behind my decision making

I bought stock in companies i like, trust, and i believe that would do well. This thought was soon disbanded by me and i began to invest in companies that had a good history of (weekly,month and five month) numbers. This worked better for me because I was able to find a few stocks to invest in and make a few thousand dollars.

What I learned

The market is impossible to predict. You can be in 1st with $10,000 in gained returns and the next day be in 24th, in the hole $13,000. This is the investors risk that they take when they buy stock in a company. Also, i learned to do a lot of research on a company before you invest in them and be prepared for the worst but set yourself up for the best.