Growth Mindset Biography

Sahil Sahota

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro GOIH was born February 5, 1985 in Santo António, Portugal. His dad showed Ronaldo soccer as being manager of the boy's club in Santo António as he grew he was already recognized as a phenomenon and he would get out of his room through the window with a ball instead of doing his homework.When he was in his early teens his talent and legend grew higher and higher so he signed with Sporting Portugal in 2001 at the same age of 16,Ronaldo turned heads with a mesmerizing performance against Manchester United, wowing his opponent and the fans with his brilliant footwork he was brilliant enough that Manchester United players wanted the manager to try to sign him and they did

Ronaldo captured three goals for Manchester United in the FA Cup final in 2004 and they captured the cup.After 5 years Real Madrid signed the soccer sensation Real Madrid payed Manchester United $131 million for Ronaldo. But Ronaldo won FIFA World Player of the year award and won many more and might win more as his career comes.


Ronaldo Faced challenges like when his mom had breast cancer and his dad died of drinking and being an alcoholic but he still did not give up and that is a growth mindset.