The End Of Times

Summer Edition- May 13,2016

Turning Back the Hands of Time: A Year in Review

Our leadership class went to the high school to learn about the Columbine shooting which created the Rachel's Challenge. Also, the teachers did a Christmas act for us one time during December. One more thing I remember is the Junior High Dance where we had the dance war.

Spotlight On!

I really liked it when we battled in Mrs.Baird's class at the end of the year because you got to chuck paper bullets at your classmates. There were two sides: the North and the South. By the way, don't pick the South!

Milestones Achieved

First, I made A team on volleyball. Second, I completed a whole season of track. Third, I made it into National Junior Honor Society. Finally, I never got a C or below in any of my classes.

Survival Tips

  • Behave
  • Get your homework done in time
  • Bring your supplies everyday
  • Stay away from the bad kids
  • Have fun!