Elementary Education

Capstone Experience Fall 2015

Learning Stretch

The topic I chose for my Capstone Experience is Common Core in Elementary Education. This topic is a learning stretch for me because I do not know much about Common Core and how it effects Elementary Schools.

It will be a challenge to put together a fundraiser. I have never organized one before, but with the help of both of my mentors, it will make the process a little easier.

It is important to me because I would like to major in Elementary Education in college. I also want to make a difference in a child's life.

Pie for Players

Wednesday, Sep. 30th, 7:30am to Thursday, Oct. 8th, 3pm

180 High School Road

Reidsville, NC

Through Interact Club, I hosted a Pie in the Face fundraiser to support Landy, our 10 year old sponsored child in the Honduras. The senior football players volunteered to help with the cause. Each player had their own jar in the commons during all three lunches. Students were allowed to vote as many times as they liked. The top three football players with the most money in their jars received a pie in the face at the pep rally by Rocky the Cougar.


During this process I encountered several problems.

1.) While working on this project, I had a problem with meeting with my mentor, Mrs. Smaldone. We are both very busy and it took a lot of e-mails and rescheduling to make everything work. Once we even met on a Saturday morning at her son's football game because we both did not have time during the week to meet.

2.) Another problem I encountered was getting volunteers. The football players were easy to get, because I have at least one class with most of them. The problem was getting people from Interact Club to help place posters and do the contest . Most of the club members are Freshman, so they were not responsible with anything I asked of them.

3.) Yet another problem I had during the process was time management. Most days after school I have to work, so most of the work done with this project was done on my break at work or during the weekend.

I overcame these problems by talking with my mentors. They told me that to make things work you often have to reproach the problem a different way than you did before. Before, I didn't think to meet with my mentor at a game or on the weekends, but since this was really the only "free" time either one of us had, it was the best we could do. From this I learned how to manage my time more efficiently and to persist.

Expert in the Field

I chose Mrs. Smaldone because she was one of my favorite teachers when I was in Elementary School and because she has been teaching for 19 years. To me, she seemed like the perfect mentor for my project. I chose my second mentor, Mrs. Wilson, because she is the overseer of Interact Club and she knows how to organize and plan fundraisers. Both of them helped me tremendously in putting together my product.

From Mrs. Smaldone, I learned about the Common Core standards in an elementary classroom. With the standards, students are required to think at a quicker pace and think at a higher level. This requires the teacher to explain more of why they are doing something, instead of just doing it.

During this experience, Mrs. Wilson has taught me to be patient and to be organized. While doing the fundraiser, I was constantly stressed that everything was not going according to plan, but with the help of Mrs. Wilson, she made me see that if I am patient, everything will fall into place. Having this mentality made this project go smoothly and helped to keep me organized.

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Reflective Evaluation

While working on my Capstone Experience, I learned that I am a leader, I obsess over every detail and that I am persistant. Organizing a fundraiser requires a lot of leadership to get everything done. By doing this I realized I like to be the boss of a situation and for it to go my way.

I learned that Common Core in elementary schools is similar to high school. Common Core requires students to think more independently and be able to explain why something is. I also learned that it takes a lot to be a teacher. They work long hours, try their best to help their students and don't get very much credit for it.

I will use the knowledge I gained in my Capstone Experience to help me through college. I believe it will help me to become an Elementary School teacher and it will better prepare me for life outside of high school.