Consequences that Occur on Racism

Mariah Period 7

James brown Document

The role that Mayor Kevin White played in the James brown documentary was to bring the community together after Martin Luther Kings death and to stop the people from fighting. Mayor Kevin was able to accomplish bring the community together but broadcasting the concert on TV.


James Brown performs "Try Me". Live at the Boston Garden. April 5, 1968.

About the james brown concert.

It was hours after martin Luther kings death. James brown had a concert in the city where everyone was full of hate and judgement. But that didn't stop James he went and brought the community together instead of fighting.

Jasper Texas document

William King and three other man dragged a black man for 3 miles straight without stopping. For racism causes, they claim they " gave him a ride " . But that's not how it came out, King got life in prison he is still in jail today. The mayor of jasper Texas took down the fence that separated the people that were berried in the graveyard.

The road James was dragged on.

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Essentice question

In the James brown document the whole point was how the people reacted to the death of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. People wanted to fight each other damage things it was a whole big scene but on that night James brown had a concert he wanted to perform where everyone was going crazy he wanted to bring the community together with out violence. The whole point on the James Byrd document was racism shouldn't bring it to a point were u have to kill someone because of their race even if you were drunk and taking down that fence in the graveyard that was separating the people that were buried that were also black and white.

5 questions

1. What was the whole point on the James Brown documentary?
2. Why did the graveyard have a fence?
3. What did the tattoos that were on King and Brewer stand for?
4. Why didn't blacks go to the same school as whites?
5. Why did James's sister react the way she did when William King got life?