They are Friends of Owers

They need love!

Teen Activist

Animals need love and attention just like we do. We take care of them giving love. We create a close bond with them that can’t be broken. But not all animals have a close bond with someone. Just waiting in a pound or on the streets for that love and that close bond for someone to pick them up and take them home and give them food and water but if no one comes they keep waiting.

No Kill Shelter

Dogs shouldn't be killed for not being adopted.

Shelters have many excuses, such has we don’t have enough room, or we don’t have enough money to keep them alive. Also they aren't young or “cute” enough no one will want to adopt them.

Then they could give them to a no kill shelter or an adoption org. All animals are adoptable no matter what age. As long as they are healthy and gentle then they are “adoptable”. The excuse that the animals are not cute or young enough has no support seeing as many ages and kind get adopted all the time.

shelters may let the animal only stay for a 2 week before euthanizing it some only 3 days. Shelters may also give a few months, few weeks, few days, or even a few hours for the owner to come before either putting up for adoption or euthanizing it.


These animals in the pounds have been through lots they may have been through. Homeless, abused, or a victim of hoarding you never know. That's why they need love just like we do. Animals are partners that will have your back till the end. But they depend on us to take care of them. Then they will take care of us. Be an activist just like Faye helping out at pounds and give dogs that second chance at a loving home. LOVE