Fun in Fourth Grade

A Newsletter About Our Fantastic 4th Grade "Chastain-ians"

I hope this newsletter finds all of you refreshed from a wonderful holiday with your loved ones! Thank you so much for conferencing with me prior to break about your children's progress in 4th grade. I am so proud of them and how hard they have worked thus far. I really enjoyed being able to share their successes with you!

Heartfelt Thanks & Shout Outs

Congratulations to Akarsh G. for meeting his two million word goal! Fantastic job, kiddo! I also want to congratulate Felicity C. on being the Chastain-ian representative in the WCS spelling bee on Monday, Dec. 8th. Shout out to Akarsh G. for qualifying as the runner up! Way to go, super spellers!

Thank you so much Jeanine Brown and Joanna Clark for volunteering your time in the classroom before break! I also really appreciate all of our parents who volunteered at the Olympic Triathlon. It was such a wonderful event for our students and you made it possible!

Age of Sail Update

  • Thanks to all families who placed orders for Age of Sail sweatshirts. We expect them to arrive just before the Winter Break.

  • We are replenishing our galley supplies. Clean tin cans (approx. 14 oz.) are needed as cups while we are aboard the Balclutha. If you have any to donate, please send them with your child to school. Thank you!

  • Paperwork for Age of Sail lads and tall sailors went home during the week before break. Thanks to those of you who have already turned it in! Please make sure I have all paperwork by December 11th.

Curriculum Updates

English Language Arts

  • Students did a wonderful job summarizing myths and teaching the class about the allusions from these texts before break. This week students will review the meaning of these allusions and will test on them on Friday, December 4.

  • This week students will work on Spelling City List #28. Activities should be completed by that Friday. We will test on this list in class on Friday, December 4.

  • Students will choose novels appropraite for their individual reading levels and interests and work on a novel study using Curriculet until Winter Break.

  • We wrap up or study of different text structures of informational texts by exploring compare and contrast articles.


Students required a bit of extra practice with long division so the test was postponed to meet their needs. The chapter test is now scheduled for Friday, December 4th. 4th Grade IXL Strands that support this chapter include: E.1-E.14. 5th Grade IXL Strands include: D.1-D.16.


This week we continue our life science unit with an emphasis on the systems of animals and humans that enable survival and growth. The essential questions explored this week include, "How do respiratory, ciruclatory and digestive systems enable humans and animals to survive?"

Age of Sail

Students will be preparing for their voyage aboard the Balclutha during the coming weeks by learning how to tie square, bowline and cleat hitch knots with Mrs. Cobb, singing sea chanteys, and practicing working together as a team.

Upcoming Dates

  • Dec. 8 from 6 to 7 p.m.: WCS Spelling Bee in the Cafeteria
  • Dec.11: Barnes & Noble Family Night
  • Dec. 11: Age of Sail Paperwork Due
  • Dec. 17: Minimum Day
  • Dec. 18-Jan.3: Winter Break
  • January 7 & 8: Age of Sail field lesson for Chastain-ians
Thanks so much for your time! If I can answer any questions, please email me at


Heather Chastain