Jordan Journal

January 4, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

Welcome back and congratulations on a successful first semester! I hope each of you had the opportunity to connect with family and friends over the break and "refresh"!

We will continue our focus on leading a community of excellence with an emphasis on teaching and modeling our expectations for JMS students. Our school wide PBIS committee has some exciting initiatives to share which will impact all our students in a positive way! We will use our advisement schedule to support this initiative.

As a professional learning community, we will continue our implementation of the gradual release model with a focus on formative assessment this semester. An updated professional learning plan has been posted for your review. During the second semester, math and social studies teachers have the support of instructional coaches. In language arts, we will continue our work with The Units of Writing by Lucy Calkins. In science, we will look at formative assessments using eClass to support our work.

If we do not have any school closures, we will have another professional learning opportunity Monday, February 15, 2016. The focus will be on using Safari Montage to support instruction.

Professional Learning Day: January 5th

The agenda is posted in eClass on the JMS Training Page. The agenda includes a few short articles to read prior to our time together (attached in news post). Please make sure to bring your "words" to share about the readings. We will do a modified version of the protocol: Word, Phrase, Sentence.

Grading & Final Exams

As you prepare to enter the final grades for your students, please look at the comparison between their performance on the final exam and their daily performance. Does the final exam reflect mastery of AKS for the student? Is this in alignment with their daily classroom performance? If not, what are the factors impacting this difference?

Please remember to score your Part B and input your scores into schoolnets. It is not necessary to post your scores for Part B in your gradebook.

Your grades are due by 10:00 AM January 5, 2016. Send email to Tim Keag upon completion!

January Advisement Schedule

We will implement the advisement schedule for the first eight (8) days in January. During advisement time, we will do activities to strengthen our relationships with students and re-establish both our school wide and classroom procedures and expectations. We will provide guidance on these lessons.

Report Cards

Report cards go home on Monday, January 11, 2016. Please use the envelopes from midterm to send home first semester report cards.

You will have the following enclosures to include: Academic Assistance Letters (for failing students), Award Ceremony Information (for students receiving awards), Immunization Letters (for select students), Lunch Charge Letters (for select students), GMAS Individual Student Reports (for most students), and Student Enrollment Verifications for all students (need returned with changes, if applicable).

If you have a student new to JMS, please see your grade level clerk for a new report card envelope. We have a limited supply, and each student receives one envelope for the year.

Second Semester Schedules

Please distribute schedules to students during homeroom Wednesday, Please review the schedules prior to distributing to ensure that every students has all four academics (LA, MA, SS, SC) and two connection classes. If you notice any discrepancies, please make note on the student's printed schedule and turn into your grade level leadership team member ASAP.

It is important to make sure every student in your class shows up on your roster. If you notice at any time any discrepancies, please see your grade level leadership team member for a schedule change form.

End of the Semester Celebration 1/8/16

We are working on developing an awesome experience for our students who successfully pass ALL classes with at least a 74% or higher. We will have board games, Wii Michael Jackson Dance Experience, snacks, etc. If you would like to be a part of this celebration, please let Ms. Sheryl Jones know or a member of the leadership team.

RBES Data Charts

Data charts in the community learning rooms need to be updated by Friday, January 8, 2016. You may also want to update your electronic chart which you will load to your midyear RBES update. We will go through the guidelines for updating your progress on your RBES on our professional learning day. We will have a chalk talk and data chat during your January WOW Day.

Yearbook on Sale $35

Yearbook sales have begun! Students can pick up forms in the media center.


Communique is the district's communication tool to highlight events in schools, the community, and share vital information. This week's communique highlights CGHS and Magic Wheelchair on the In Five segment.

Team Recognition Program

Begin thinking about who you would like to recognize in December!

Each month, we will recognize team members who exhibit the pillars of Jordan MS: Community, Leadership, and Excellence! Teams can submit up to three names each month. Please include a brief narrative describing how the team member exemplified community, leadership, or excellence. We will celebrate during our vertical team meetings on Fridays!

Team Recognition Submission

Award Ceremonies in January

Following the issuance of report cards, we will begin the process for verifying and printing our awards: All A's, All A's & B's, Perfect Attendance, Connection Awards, Community, Leadership, Excellence, and the prestigious "Black Knight" award. We need to ensure that student names are spelled correctly and students earning an award receive an award.

Mr. Keag will provide additional information on the training page along with applicable deadlines. We will design an invitation and program for each grade level event. The award ceremonies will be held in the JMS Cafe at 9:30 AM with all students attending and parents invited for students receiving an award.

6th Grade: January 26th

7th Grade: January 27th

8th Grade: January 28th

Upcoming Dates

1/4/16: Building open 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

1/5/16: Professional Learning Day

1/6/16: Basketball & Cheerleader Practice Resumes at 7:00 AM and 4:30 PM, Advisement Schedule for the next 8 days, second semester begins (new schedules issued), 8th Grade Lesson Study with Debbie Johnson (math), SS planning with Mike Savage in professional learning room, verifications signed and returned to Tim Keag by 3:30 PM

1/7/16: Basketball vs. Shiloh @ Shiloh HS begins at 5:00 PM (need a score keeper for the table), Report card changes submitted to Tim Keag prior to end of the day

1/8/16: 1:30 - 2:30 PM First Semester Celebration (see email for schedule), Report Cards in mailboxes

1/9/16: Basketball vs. Trickum @ Parkview HS begins at 9:00 AM (need a score keeper for the table)

1/11/16: Report Cards go home

1/12/16: Collaborative Communities (Cyber Days with Sheri Gilbert includes connection teachers, and math with Debbie Johnson)

1/13/16: Collaborative Communities (SS)

1/14/16: ELL Vertical Team Meeting @ 8:15 AM, Basektball vs. Grace Snell at Central Gwinnett games begin at 5:00 PM (need volunteers, see Mrs. Brown)

1/15/16: iTalks with Mr. Keag @ 8:15 AM

1/18/16: Dr. Martin Luther King Holiday (no school)

1/19/16: WOW Day for SS

1/20/16: WOW Day for MA

1/21/16: WOW Day for SC, Basketball vs. Couch @ Grayson HS games begin at 5:00 PM (need score keeper for table), All State Chorus Auditions

1/22/16: WOW Day for LA, 100th Day of School

1/23/16: Basketball vs. Richards MS at Central Gwinnett HS (need volunteers, see Mrs. Brown), games begin at 9:00 AM

Let's Celebrate.....

Barb Barracliff, 1/2

Maria Gilbride, 1/16

Katie Barto, 1/17

Taylor Wall, 1/21

Jefinka Lulic, 1/25

Ana Flamenco, 1/28