Josh aka Yoshi's Binder



Hi. My name is Josh. I live in Shawnee,KS and my nickname is Yoshi. I like sports. I am in Mrs.Morris's 5th grade class in school. I have one little brother named Zack who is in 3rd grade. My favorite college team is the University of the Kansas Jayhawks!!!!!!!!!

Here are my goals this year:

  1. I shall always get good grades and try my hardest.
  2. I will work hard in any sport I play.

To the right, is a picture of a perfect swing in baseball. :-)

My favorite thing to do

My favorite thing to do is playing sports. I play soccer, baseball, & basketball. Baseball is my favorite then basketball then soccer. I also like video games and my neighbors. I also have a iPod. I have lots of favorite things to do.

My favorite sports teams

Now here are my favorite sports teams. Top 5 for football: KC Chiefs, SEA Seahawks, ATL Falcons, DET Lions, BAL Ravens. Top 5 for baseball: KC Royals, MIA Marlins, TOR Blue Jays, WAS Nationals, ARI Diamondbacks. Top 3 for basketball: MIA Heat, MEM Grizzlies, POR Trailblazers.

To the right, is Jose Bautista trying to make a perfect swing like me! :-)