March and April with Miss. Sarah

Welcome Back! Happy New Year, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter!

Happy New Year: 2015!

It is very nice to be back after a wonderful two-month holiday. I hope everyone is rested and ready to learn new phonics, patterns, and sight words.

Phonics: CLG - Pattern: en - Words: can, me, is, I

First, we will review everything from the first semester. I want to make sure that your memories are in tact.

Next, I will introduce C, L, and G using my regular system for teaching phonics. There will be more emphasis placed on the letters 'C' and 'G' because of their different 'hard' and 'soft' sounds.

Then, there will be word-work with the 'en' word pattern and brand new sight words. More focus will be placed on reading sentences, writing sentences, and proper pronunciation. I know my grade ones are still working on reading, so these classes will be at a slower pace than my grade two class. I know you can do it! Good luck and keep up the great work students! I am so proud of all your success this year.

Some Fun Classes