4th Grade Lesson Review

January 22 - February 2

Week of January 22-26

This week we were learning about whole notes and whole rests. A whole note is 4 steady beats, and a whole rest is 4 steady silent beats. See the videos below to review!

Your homework this week is pg. 7 # 21, 23 and 25. Please read the rhythm, read the notes, read the notes and move your fingers, and then play.

January 29 - February 2

We will be working on page 8!

A fermata just means to hold the note for longer than usual. In #27 you have a fermata over the last note. Hold the whole note for longer than 4 beats to play the fermata.

This week practice all of page 8. Do your best!

If you have any questions please email me amarmelstein@htsd.us .