Manual Entry of DMAC Documents


Step by Step Instructions

This manual entry option is always available and used mostly for younger grades in which students are not ready to bubble. It can also be used any time a teacher needs to directly enter a student's responses without a pink scantron.

By clicking on the blue hyperlink, you can find a PDF document with step by step instructions in the document titled Manual Entry of TEKScore Documents which is also housed in the CIA Information for Campuses Folder in Google Drive. You may print this out if you will need it for future reference.

Below, you will find a YouTube video below that shows the steps to take enter a document.

Virtual School Biology Test Codes

Biology CBA 1 - SC.10.031.E

Biology CBA 2 - SC.10.032.E

Biology CBA 3 - SC.10.033.E

3rd Grade Math Universal Screener Test Code

The test code is MA.03.81.E.

CBA Test Codes

Kinder Reading

CBA1 - RE.00.091.E

CBA2 - RE.00.092.E

CBA3 - RE.00.093.E

CBA4 - RE.00.094.E

Kinder Math

CBA1 - MA.00.091.E

CBA2 - MA.00.092.E

CBA3 - MA.00.093.E

CBA4 - MA.00.094.E

1st Reading

CBA1 - RE.01.091.E

CBA2 - RE.01.092.E

CBA3 - RE.01.093.E

CBA4 - RE.01.094.E

1st Math

CBA1 - MA.01.091.E

CBA2 - MA.01.092.E

CBA3 - MA.01.093.E

CBA4 - MA.01.094.E

English 3

CBA2 - EN.11.092.E