The President

See how he struggles.

The Boston Ledger April 31, 1789

The new and first president of America: George Washington took his oaths yesterday, and is now offically, Mr.President. Aswell as power comes responsibility. George has commented on this topic, saying that "My hands were trembling yesterday, I could barely read!" As would anyone else. This has been the first time we as Americans have had a leader of some sort. We are clueless on how this will affect us as a free country. I feel we will know in the coming days. With the relations between France and Britian worsining by minute, it will be quite intresting how the president will handle the situation. Another topic worth writing about would be the dark skinned, horrible savages in the woods. With coming time, America will grow as a nation. We will have to expand, will the savages be a problem? Only time will tell. With these escalating problems, anyone could see how these high expectations effect the president.

In other news, it appears we have new revolutionaries across the pond! These fine men and women would be the French! France had it's own revolution recently and were successful. President Washington commented, "It is pleasent and reasurring to have others who share our views on how a country should be run." As of now, the President wishes to not intervene with foriegn affairs, possibley reffering to the French and the British.

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