William Penn

By: Ellen Cunningham


Did you know William Penn took care of Pennsylvania which is now one of the 50 United States of America? William Penn was born on October 14, 1644. In William Penn's life he was granted the province of Pennsylvania. Close to the end of William Penn's life he was called back to England he NEVER returned to America! William Penn was a fascinating man.

Early life

As a child William Penn was not a very playful child. He was mainly interested in religion and God. When William was a child he lived in London England. Williams father Adm. Sir William Penn was a wealthy man. He owned many different things. At a young age William Became interested in religion but rebelled against the Church of England. William enjoyed believing in GOD. After two years at Christ Church college at Oxford University he got expelled for being a nonconformist in religion. William Penn had stopped believing in God after his father died.

Middle ages

In William Penn's life he was granted the province of Pennsylvania. In 1672 William married Guliema Maria Springette. William Penn wrote the charter of liberties for the Jersey colony in America. In 1681 King Charles II granted him the province of Pennsylvania. Soon after he arrived in Pennsylvaniain 1682, Penn started dealings with the Delaware Indians. Sevrel treaties of friendship were made. Penn, built a home planning to stay, but after two years in the colony he was called to England on business. After Revolution of 1688, Penn was suspected of helping the dethroned King, James II and was arrested for treason. His wife died in 1694 and he remarried two years later. William Penn fell in love with the idea that he had the province of Pennsylvania.

A last few words

Close to the end of William Penn's life he was called back to England and he NEVER returned to America. During his absence the colony had changed. Twenty thousand people lived in his province. Many knew nothing of Penn except that he owned their colony. Late in 1701 business called back to England. He NEVER returned to America! He got into money trouble and spent nine months in debtors prison. Friends obtained his release but his health VANISHED. HE died of a series of disability strokes on July 30, 1718 in Buckingham Shire. William Penn was an amazing man.


You may of never heard the name William Penn before, but he did a lot in his lifetime that you need to know about. William Penn beloved in God from a young age but he didn't believe it was going to take him anywhere. Then William Penn got married to Guliema Maria Springette in 1672. William Penn may of never returned to America, but today Pennsylvania is a very beautiful state. So William Penn had many adventures in his lifetime but now we know more about him.


* vanished- to disappear entirely without a clear explanation.
* religion- the belief in God or in a group of God's.
* wealthy- to have a lot of money or possessions.


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