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Week of May 16- 20th

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Weekly News

Ok, you all are WAY too creative for me! There is no way I can pick one of the names for the newsletter by myself, so I'm going to have you all vote on my favorites. Use think link to vote...

Weekly Happenings

Congratulations on finishing STAAR for the year. I know that you all will continue to provide engaging instruction through the last few weeks of school and I look forward to getting into your classrooms some more. Here is what is happening this week at VRE:


  • 5th grade Fun in the Sun 9:15-10:50


  • Learning Leaders
  • K-2 Going Bonkers Field Trip


  • Lisa and Rachel at Learning Leaders
  • Dress Your Job Day
  • Skating 101 starts


  • 3rd grade – Elm Fork
  • 5th grade – Huffines Tour
  • 5th grade Music Sharing Program
  • Rachel on campus noon onward
  • Meet Heidi in the library at 3:20 PM


  • Field Day
  • 1st grade teacher birthday luncheon
  • Student Council EOY Party – 3-4pm
  • Rachel on campus noon onward

Big Rocks

I know that it is hard to believe that we have to start planning for August! Please use the links below to register for August inservice so that this "big rock" can be checked off of your to-do list.

August 15th-

August 16th-

August 17th-

Weekly Website: Cooks or Chefs?

Are we preparing students to be cooks or chefs? To follow others or think for themselves? To soak in information or to inquire, be intrigued, and own their learning? Check out this article, an interesting analogy. What will you do in the next few weeks to encourage your students' inner "chef"?

Rachel E. Garrett


Valley Ridge Elementary