American Revolution

By Kaylee Griswold

Can't Hold Us (American Revolution Parody)

Why did the American Revolution start?

The 13 colonies wanted their independence from Britain. The revolution started in 1775 & was ended in 1783 by the Treaty of Paris. The colonists & british were fighting over how the british treated them & how the colonists believed they should be treated. The colonists wanted all the same rights as the british, but the british just wanted to use them of multiple reasons. The colonists felt controlled by the british with all of the high taxes. So the revolution started when it was ended the colonies had earned their independence. Since they earned their independence the Declaration of Independence was formed.

Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence was written to publicly announce their independence from the British. Thomas Jefferson wrote the first draft of the declaration & John Hancock was the first to sign it. Hancocks signature is famous because it was the first & the largest. The reason he made his signature so large was because he wanted King George to see it clearly. The main idea of the declaration was that everyone was created equal. The declaration also listed all the ways King George violated their rights. Then the Denunciation restates that they are declaring their independence.


Battle of Lexington & Concord: The first gun shots starting the revolution were shot in Lexington, Massachusetts. 700 soldiers were sent to destroy all weapons in Concord. There was also a plan in place to arrest John Hancock & Samuel Adams. They formed a militia to defend themselves when the 700 soldiers came. They called themselves "The Minutemen."

Bunker Hill: The militia controlled hills surrounding Boston. The british didn't like the fact that they controlled the hills so they sent 2,600 soldiers to Bunker Hill and the militia sent 1,600 men. The british gained control of Breeds Hill.

Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration